ELANPLAST is a company specialized in the production of edged and sewn flexible packaging which is assembled in various combinations in sizes and shapes as customer required with wide opportunities for customization and logo printing.

Born in 1969 from a craft tradition made in Italy, ELANPLAST has followed the evolution of packaging looking for alternative and innovative solutions, always focusing on the aesthetic improvement of the packaging, guaranteeing modern creations with a convenient relationship between quality and price.

The fields of application of our products are many and range from the most traditional ones such as household linen, toys, car accessories, promotional, fashion or anyone who wants to present their production in an elegant, ecological and innovative way.

Various types of materials are used in the production such as polypropylene, non-wovenfabric, PVC, cotton, coupledorcoated fabrics, etc.


Our items are also environmentally-friendly with low impact since they are reusable made of recycled or recyclable materials.

Furthermore, as an absolute novelty, the possibility of making our items also in PAPER or predominantly with paper.

For over 50 years at the service of many companies Elanplast has been a source of pride and extreme reliability.