The Elanplast is a 'company specialized in the production of flexible packaging for household linen and other textiles as well as for various promotional items. The specificity of its packaging has found uses in other areas (toys, perfumes and toilet, faucets, car accessories, etc.). Founded in 1969 by a tradition of his craft made in Italy, the Elanplast followed the evuluzioni of "packaging" always looking for alternative solutions and innovative, focusing on improving the aesthetic of 'packaging.

In recent years, has carried out targeted choices Elanplast specializing and becoming the leading manufacturer of flexible packaging borders of different kind, as well as Leather overcoat and other sewn items in various materials (Polypropylene Crystal, Crystal and PVC artificial leather, TNT, coupled materials, fabric, and others) are assembled in different combinations on different measures and forms required by the customer.

Since 2002 it has also begun the production of beauty, bags, containers and other items made of nylon, polyester, natural fabrics and sintetetici valuable, even in this case focusing on quality and customer service (elasticity of supply, the search for new materials , collaboration in the development of new models).

To further optimize the combination of money, the Elanplast since March 2002, formed the company in the Republic of Bulgaria Plastobag Ltd company that enables it to meet even more needs of its customers.

Over thirty years' service to many companies, is a matter of pride and extreme reliability.